Brass Frog Photography: Blog en-us (C) Brass Frog Photography (Brass Frog Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:34:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:34:00 GMT Brass Frog Photography: Blog 119 120 Layla - the joy of being 5! So Layla was in my studio recently - she's a blogger, a make up artist, and anything else she wants to be, she is 5!

On this particular day she was a super hero, a princess and a 5 year old girl.  I think 5 year olds have a great life, they can be anything they want to be without question!

How often do I hear people say "oh I wish I had done this sooner!" or "my last photographer I wasn't happy with, the pictures are in the drawer"!

Boy oh boy, photographs should last forever, they should capture the essence of you!  Your personality should shine through.  Sure you are looking for pricing, I get that, but you should look at the photographers work, is it light and airy, is it dark and moody, does it represent the art you like on your walls.   Do you like their personality?  Do you feel like family??  Does your photographer scare you??? Look beyond the price.  Do they know what the are doing, do they study, are all their pictures the same? Check out their work before you book.  Be happy with your purchase.  Photography is one of the easiest items you purchase where you can see before you buy!


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Photography doesn't have to be serious You make your appointment, you want it to be perfect.  When you think of family portraits, headshots, etc.  you always think of a smiling "perfect" family.  But sometimes you just need to have a little fun and be you! These portraits make the best portraits.  

The incomparable Miss Cumberland County 2018, Olivia Cruz, stopped by for her last photo session before crowning the new Miss Cumberland County.

When you are looking for a photographer, yes, you look at price, and you look at their work, but you also want to find a photographer who is fun, that enjoys being a photographer and matches your personality.

Check out Brass Frog Photography, we make you feel like you are family!

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I look terrible in pictures - How a Professional Photographer can help! Photographer | Vineland, NJ

How many times have you said you need a new headshot, a new family portrait, or portrait gift but then say oh maybe next week when I do my hair or my make up is right? Maybe you think the kids won't cooperate.   A little bit of time is all you need!



You should come to see a photographer because we can make you forget all of the excuses you have, that are listed above and more.  You see a great photographer knows that you are limited on time because lets face it life gets in the way.  You might think you need to loose 10 pounds but we a great photographer knows how to pose you so you look like you lost 10 pounds.  Life is short!



If you are a business professional, an actor, dancer, pageant title holder, or even for online dating, why would you not want to look the best you can look.  Sure you can add filters, different lighting etc. but an experienced photographer, one who has studied for years will know the best angles to have you not only look professional but bring out your natural smile (not duck lips) and have your true personality show through (we can even help you clear up your skin).



Why are you still reading this? Have I not convinced you that you can have a great portrait, whether it's for home or office - or your online presence, contacting a fun, not too serious, well studied photographer who knows its more than pushing a button is what you should be doing!



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