Hey Brass Frog Photography, I really love your work, you seem really awesome and want to book but let's be serious what is it going to cost me???

Let's face it, you may like what you see, but you want to know our prices before you actually pick up the phone and make an appointment.  We get it and we would want to know too.  You work hard for your money and want to make sure you invest it wisely.

At Brass Frog Photography we would rather talk to you and figure out what you are looking for and how we can meet your budget and make your vision come true.

We will say this - we cannot compete with the "big box store photography" places for pricing but we also won't take your whole year's paycheck either!  Now you smiled at that so why not let us capture that smile!

So we aren't being secretive about our pricing, it's just everything is different.  A headshot is not going to the same as a wedding or school, etc..  What we can tell you is we are super affordable.

Session Fee - this includes consultation, time with photographer, creative fee, editing, etc. up to 4 people.  Major editing is additional.  Additional people and on location pricing is available.   This is not for on location events, weddings, schools, etc.  Payments are made at time of booking.  

When you purchase your prints through us,  we will guarantee quality, color and longevity.  

Other sizes, mediums, albums, etc. are available, simply ask.  See that wasn't so bad.

Call/email/Facebook message us today! 856-441-5561

*prices are subject to change*